Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Give Me 10 Minutes!

I didn't see much of Danny over the next few days as we both had to work. He had a job at a local appliance store and I worked evenings at the library. I worked the circulation desk and at the end of the night was responsible for shelving the returned books. He did call me every night and we talked about all sorts of things. Mostly about us and future plans...and discretion. Our conversations always ended with little kissy sounds and words of endearment. The next night, with about 45 minutes before quitting time, I was sitting behind the circulation desk reading a book about the science of food preparation when Danny walked in. The smile on my face must have brightened the room. He said he was there to get information on some of the area community colleges. "Not to see me"?, I whispered. "Well", he said, "and also to walk you home". He asked to see what I was reading so I showed him. He thought the book looked kind of boring. I admitted that some of it was but that since I enjoyed cooking so much I found it interesting. He asked if I'd ever cook for him. I reminded him of the night we planned when my Mom was going to be out of town to visit with Denise. "What are you going to make?", he asked.

"Just name it", I answered. "Shrimp scampi"? "You got it, honey"! I was laying awake at night thinking about what I was going to wear, my makeup, my hair, my nails, especially what I was going to wear. When the "magic" time came I wanted his eyes bulging out of their sockets! (More on that later.) I thought the idea of making him a memorable meal was just perfect.

He went off to find the material he needed and I began my shelving duties. There was nobody in the place but us and a librarian who would do the actual lockup. As I was bending over to put a book on one of the lower shelves I felt a hand give my tushie a little pat. I jumped up and saw him with a big smile on his face. I raised my arms with little fists and playfully punched him on his pecs. "You scared the hell out of me!" Still smiling he pulled me by the waist up against him and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. (Oh, sweet surrender!) As his tongue was trying to find my tonsils I felt his stiff cock against my tummy. "Oh, baby", I said, "I just can't wait any more I have to have you right now or I'll wind up in the emergency room." He didn't say a word as I reached for his belt. Just at that moment the sound of three soft chimes let us know that the library was closing. "Shit"!, I said. He tilted my head up and gave me a soft kiss and said, "Can we hang out later?" I just smiled and said sure.

As we walked back to my house he told me that his parents insisted he get a degree of some sort even though his future employment was secured with the power company, his Dad being the local union rep. I told him I was toying with the idea of going to culinary school. "You really like cooking so much", he asked. I told him I did. I felt it was at least a gender-neutral kind of thing to do. (I was wrong but more on that later.) We "discreetly" walked along keeping a safe space between us even though it would have been nice to have our arms around each others waist or at least hold hands. (Sigh!)

When we walked in the house I got us a couple of ice teas and we sat at the kitchen table talking about our upcoming senior year in high school. My Mom walked in and asked what we were talking about so seriously. We relayed our plans for the future. (omitting much!) She was keen on the idea of me going to a good culinary school. I think she thought I'd follow my instincts and try to get into fashion design. Believe me, I thought about that one. She was off to work. Before she left she told me to make sure all the doors and windows were locked for the night. I said, "Mother, I'm not a twelve year old". "Just do as you're told, young lady". And with that, she was gone. Danny and I just stared at each other in shock. Did she realize what she just said? "Young lady?" I just put my hand over my mouth and giggled like a twelve year old. (!) Danny just shook his head and smiled. Alone at last! I stood up and came around behind him, put my hands on his shoulders and whispered in his ear...."finish your tea, go in the living room and give me 10 minutes".

Time to girly up! I took the stairs to my bedroom two at a time. I plugged in my curling iron and deftly tore off my clothes. I was just in my panties when I perched myself on my vanity seat and quickly, but tastefully, prettied up my face. I slipped into a sexy little sleep number, changed my earrings, spritzed on a little #5, sat back at the vanity and considered my lips. These would be the focal point for tonight. I considered my options while I used the iron to put some gentle waves in my hair. Must be red, must be creamy and shiny. I chose one of my favorites and the first lipstick I ever wore, the life changer. Revlon Certainly Red. I slowly applied it. After I was satisfied that my lips were cocksucking perfection I dabbed a little gloss on my lower lip making them look show stopping. I slipped the lipstick snugly in the waistband of my panties, slipped into my favorite boudoir slippers and headed for my first taste of manmeat.

I stepped into the living room and leaned my shoulder against the door frame. I lowered my head and parted my red shiny lips twirling my hair with my finger. "Miss me?" I gave him a long lashed wink. Danny stood and walked into my open arms. We embraced for what seemed like minutes. He tilted my head up and was about to kiss me when I said, "No, darling, you'll smear my lipstick." "I want it to smear on something else." I gave him a wink and lead him back to the sofa. My hand cupped his crotch feeling all the stiffness and heat that lay inside. He fumbled at his belt and I pushed his hands away. That was my job. I teasingly opened his belt and slowly pulled his zipper down. This was it. I reached in and felt his throbbing organ. Hmmmmmm! He began kissing my neck which just about had me panting with lust. In one swift move I had his pants and jockeys around his ankles. I was now on my knees staring at the object of all my desires and fantasies. It was gorgeous. About 7 inches with a very nice head. It was pulsating. His balls hung about an inch below his shaft and were about the size of ping pong balls. Not to hairy. I cupped them in my hand and gave them a gentle squeeze at the same time leaning in and planting a small kiss on the head of his cock. I gazed in awe at the red lip print I left on it. I had marked my territory. His breathing became hard as I had him sit on the edge of the couch. I wrapped my fingers around him for the first time. It was radiating warmth in my hand, so hard and at the same time so soft. I cursed myself for not having my nails done but I had no idea my day would end up with me in this delightful position. I slowly began stroking it staring into his eyes. "It's perfect." was all I said. I slowly ran my tongue up the entire length and swirled it around the head. Still looking up at him I parted my lips and took the head into my moist mouth. I heard him give a soft moan as I swallowed more and more of his manmeat. When I took as much in as I was comfortable with I began a soft sucking as I started bobbing my head up and down. I put my mind on hold and concentrated on his beautiful cock in my mouth. After about 5 minutes of tongue, lick and suck I could tell he was on the brink of a huge cum. Decision time. Do I swallow? I had already tasted mine in anticipation of this but only in small quantities. This was gong to be a load. I decided to just take the first shot and see what happened. Well, it turned out I didn't have that option because I felt the first blast hit the back of my throat so I quickly began to swallow. It happened so fast. There were at least four more blasts of cum and I tried swallowing it all. Some dribbled out the side of my mouth. He was moaning like crazy. I pulled his cock out of my mouth. It was still ozing. I began licking it off noting that it was red with my lipstick. As it was beginning to soften I deftly used my tongue to clean off as much of it as I could. I gazed up at Danny who had his head back and eyes closed. "Was that okay?", I asked timidly. "It was amazing, the best blowjob I've ever had." I knew he had others as well as getting laid a few times so I was thrilled to hear my skills as a new cocksucker were appreciated. I went into the bathroom and cleaned my mouth, reapplied my lipstick and get a damp face cloth to clean my man's cock. I sat next to him and softly wiped away the last vestiges of my lipstick and his cum.

I held his now limp cock in my hand and said, "Mine now." He pulled me closer and kissed me on the forehead. "How did I get so lucky?", he asked. "You? What about me?", was my answer. "Oh, Rita, baby, I love you. I'll never leave you even if I have to leave you." I fully understood what he was saying. Eventually he will have to marry. I could give him all the sex he wanted but the one thing his family expected from him was beyond my wildest feminine reach.

We talked about our Labor Day overnight. He told me his parents were spending the weekend on the Jersey shore. As he had to work he wouldn't be going. Well, at least that worked in our favor. As we sat I fondled his cock with loving strokes thinking about how it would be the instrument of my "deflowering" in only a little more than a week. "Want another go?", I asked.

He said yes. I did.

A word about the taste of cum. There really isn't any. It's more of a texture that is an acquired taste, like oysters. Fortunately, for me, I love oysters. Can't get enough.

The second blowjob was much more deliberate. Done with many more words of endearment and kisses in between. When he came it wasn't like the first one but just as nice. I paid a bit more attention to his balls. My new frinds. Ping and Pong. (Men really like that!) I cleaned him up, we kissed by the door and he was gone.

He called me later, of course as I was snuggled in bed still in my delicious little nighty fingering the dried drips of cum and still being able to taste him in my mouth. It occurred to me that I didn't cum once and still felt sort of fulfilled, in a womanly way. I of course took care of that little problem before going off the dreamland. "Oh my! I really did it"! I couldn't wait for next weekend. So much to do. So much to prepare. I fell asleep formulating a surprise for the man I loved.

A short PS: I've gotten some e-mails about how I'm able to remember the details of all I've written so far. The truth is most of it is embedded in my memories but I was keeping a journal (and still do) about my life and feelings. A lot of it just isn't pertinent to this story. Are there some embellishments? Sure. Is it real? Very. Still going strong? Yes and no. But all that is for a later date.

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