Sunday, January 16, 2011

Work, Work Work...Hello Girls, I've Missed You!

Danny and I watched this movie tonight when the football games ended. It reminded me that I had better get posting again. We had lotsa' fun watching football together. (Particularly half-time!) Anyway, my self-indulgence out of the way, I'll be writing soon, maybe, soon! If you don't know the's "Blazing Saddles"! I figured since my team lost last week I just needed to laugh.....Kisses, Rita


  1. Same's always good to check out some of these comic classics when you're feeling down....have a great weekend.

  2. Rita,

    I have spent the last two weeks reading your blog from the beginning of 2009. I find your story to be incredibly sexy, touching, exciting informative, and most of all really fun to read.

    I came across your blog and started to read from this year, then decided I didn't know what the hell was going on or who all these people were. So I decided to go to the beginning. I'm so glad I did. I have enjoyed it very much. I feel like I know all of you now, and I can't wait to read more. Hopefully you will be writing about Danny, Stacy, and Chrissy soon.

    I have been fascinated with transexuals for about 5 years or so. My brother was working with a guy that as he put was an asshole and a terrible person to work with. Then one day he came to work and said he was going on vacation, and when he came back he would no longer be Rick, he would now be Rachel. Needless to say everyone was shocked. When she came back to work,'my brother said she was completely different. He said she was so much nicer, and so pleasent to be around. Then one day I was near his office so I decided to stop by and see him. We were talking in his office and a young lady came in to ask a question. He introduced me to her. She was very pretty, which I commented to my brother after she left. He says you would never know she used to be a guy. I was floored! I couldn't believe it. Later that night I started to look for trannies on line and was hooked.

    I have just recently came across the sissy girl side of it and find it every bit as fascinating! Anyway thank you for writing your story, it has been very interesting and I can't wait to read more!