Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Girls In A Tub!

In the morning Laura was busy working in her office while I made us breakfast. I heard her squeal and I ran in to find out what was going on. There on her computer screen were pictures of Monica and Stephan(ie) before, during and after the wedding ceremony! They were officially man and wife! Or something like that. Monica looked stunning in her white organza wedding gown. Her long brunette locks piled on top of her head and perfectly made up face made her look so elegant. Stephan(ie), in almost every shot had a dazzling smile on his face but there was almost a forlorn look in his eyes. Both Laura and I had seen that look before. Poor Stephanie was just dying to be the one wearing that gown and all the trimmings. As we studied the pictures and the beautiful backdrops of Switzerland we couldn't wait to be all reunited together in feminine splendor. With the addition of Stacy and, to some extent, little Chrissy our sorority was growing. As Laura opened the last picture we let out a little giggle seeing Stephanie in her bridal lingerie that she wore under her tux. She was sitting with her legs crossed at the knee in a delightful feminine pose holding a silver mirror and a lipstick poised to her pouty lips. Her face was towards the camera and she gave a smile and a little wink as the shot was taken. As Laura and I ate we agreed that she would a much happier girl when she could wear her own wedding gown in a couple of weeks. "Speaking of gowns we have our own fitting Monday night", she said. We made a timeline of things we needed to get done before the big day which now included our new flower girl. I would have to touch base with Stacy and check on her progress in getting Chrissy her gown.

I noticed that Paolo was often absent from the kitchen at work. One afternoon as I presented my latest attempt at my salmon mousse for his inspection he took me aside. "Rita, I have a proposition for you. In a few months Joe (Monica's Dad) and I will be opening a new restaurant. We will feature only Northern Italian food and wines. I would like very much for you to be a part of it". I listened in silence as he continued. "I'm growing tired of cooking this so called Italian-American garbage. I have too much respect for tradition to waste my talents here anymore and I'd like to bring you with me as a possible sous chef. What do you say"? What do I say? I was stunned. Me? A sous chef? "I always trust your judgements, Chef, and I'd follow you even if you wanted to open a hot dog stand at the beach", I said smiling. He smiled at that and patted me on the cheek. "Bella, bella! But you still have a lot of things to learn and I want you spending more time with Nona. Capito?" "Capito, Chef", I replied. As I walked away I couldn't help but think that the food here was pretty damn good!

Over dinner I related the news to Laura. She was very happy for me. I was a bit nervous though. I worried I was taking on too much, too soon. Laura told me that I could do anything I put my mind to. "Hey, not everyone could pull off living as a woman 24/7. You have talent, girlfriend. What do you say we unwind in the hot tub with some drinks?", she said with a wink. I liked the idea a lot. "You get the tub jets going, darling, and I'll get the drinks", I sexily purred. Just as I was finishing getting a pitcher of martinis together the wind picked up and so did the lightning and thunder. "Forget the hot tub we need a plan B", Laura said. Giggling like two schoolgirls we headed for the master bathroom and stripped down. Laura began filling her tub with hot water and lavender bath crystals. We sat at opposite ends and sipped our drinks in the relaxing water. I soon felt Laura's long nails stroking my clit. I moaned as I took a soothing sip of my vodka. Putting my glass aside I reached for Laura's very stiff clitty and began my own massage. Laura then beckoned me to lift up as she bent down and swallowed little Rita whole. It felt wonderful and soon I was giving her a full dose of sissy cream in her mouth and all over her cute face.We embraced and kissed and kissed for what seemed like hours. We decided to take the party to the bedroom. Naked, we spilled on to the bed and spent a lot of time just caressing our smooth, hairless, feminine bodies. We cuddled and kissed and talked about the up coming wedding. We would occasionally get into a 69 positing and suck each other to a nice sissy cum. "We need to do this more often", Laura cooed in my ear. "How about every night", I dreamily replied. We talked about doing something really special the night before the ceremony. "Let's really girly it up and have one big sissy orgy!", Laura said while I hungrily nursed her tits. "Hmmm...sounds utterly divine, honey. Poor Stephanie has had to butch it up for too long. I know she's just dying for a femmy good time", I replied. "Should we include Stacy", I asked. "Oh, that would be a good idea! This way she'll be here to work on our hair in the morning!", she enthusiastically replied. "Besides", she continued, "I'm just dying to get a look at her new pussy! But what about Chrissy?", she asked. "Definitely not invited to the party. But she will be really happy being a part of the big day".

The next day I called Stacy for an update and to tell her of our plans for the night before. She was all for it! "What's Chrissy up to?", I asked. "Rita, she's a totally different person! She's so.....what's the word....invigorated. She's so bubbly around the shop. All the girls just love her. She keeps them in stitches with the things she says and does! I've even let her start doing some shampooing." I smiled at that. "That's wonderful. Tell her I'm very proud of her". "Tell her yourself....(off the phone).....Christine? Rita whats to talk to you....."! A moment of silence and the Chrissy came on. "Hello..Rita"? "Hi, honey whatcha up to?", I asked. "Nothing much, just watching some TV". "What are you watching"? "Oh, just the home shopping channel. They have some really cute earrings for sale. Oh , and this afternoon we're going shopping for my flower girl dress....I can't wait!", she said happily. "When can I come over to your house again?", she asked. "How about tomorrow. You can bring your gown and practice more with your heels. How does that sound"? ", and I still need help with my makeup and things". "Not a problem, sweety, and maybe we'll do some shopping for some big girl undies to wear under your gown". Oh, wow, really!", she gushed. "Sure...let me speak to you Aunt, honey. With that a jubilant Chrissy got off the phone and Stacy came back on. "She's just so adorable, Rita, thank you so much. She's been trying to fit into my heels but they are just too big for her". "I'll take care of that. She's going to need to wear a higher heel with her gown so she might as well get some practice time in", I told her. We're planning a sort of party the night before so I'd like you to stay if that's okay", I coyly told her. "Chrissy too?", she asked. "No, strictly a night for the big girls", I replied. "Ummmmm...sounds like a lot of fun", she giggled. "Oh, it will be. Interesting things happen when all the girls get together!", I told her. The fact that Monica would be the only real genetic girl there did not in any way detract from the fact that it was most definitely a girls night together. It was going to be a night of satin, lace, perfume, lipstick and girl on girl love making! More on that later.......comments please!

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  1. Can't wait to read about the big girlie party. I hope there are plenty of XXX pics to share!