Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Best "Laid" Plans!

Monica was right. I apologize too much! That having been said lets move on. I was both excited and nervous knowing that Danny was going to see the new "me" later in the evening. I spent the early afternoon pulling together an outfit to best display my charms. I decided to go braless (against doctor's orders!) and wear a short black halter dress.
It was light and airy with a diagonally cut hem. With a pair of stilettos I thought I hit on the right outfit. After a quick lunch with Laura she headed out to show some properties. I decide to start working on my tan lines and slipped into one of my new bikinis. I liked the way the top just barely covered my bulging tits. I piled my long blond hair on top of my head just leaving two tendrils to lay on either side of my face. I slipped into a see through cover up, stepped into a pair of cork wedged sandals, grabbed a wide brimmed hat and a sexy pair of sunglasses and headed out to the lounge chair. I positioned it facing away from the house so I could get the best exposure. I was sipping ice tea and reading the current issue of Vogue when i heard a noise behind me. I jumped up and turned around and to my utter surprise there stood Danny! "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.....", his voice trailed off. I looked at him smiling. I took off my hat and sunglasses and ran into his arms. I wasn't even thinking about my new hair and boobs. "Oh, honey, I missed you soooo much", I squealed as I covered his face with kisses. I felt my breasts against his hard chest and realized he didn't recognize me at first. He held me at arms length. "Rita? What in the world....."? He had such a shocked look on his face that I began to feel nervous. I looked at him from under my eye lashes. "Do you like?", I cooed. My hand went up to my hair and I released it from the comb that was holding it up. I shook my hair around my shoulders never taking my eyes off his face. I reached behind me and undid the top of my bikini letting my tits out of their harness. I immediately saw the bulge in his jeans. "I see that you do like! Well, I showed you mine, now you show me yours". He looked confused for a second and then realized what I wanted. He lifted his t-shirt over his head revealing his lean and hard torso. I ran my long nailed fingers over him feeling every rippled muscle. As I tweaked his nipples I felt his hands come up and cup my tits. I put my arm around his neck and we kissed hard and brief. "We need to be gentle with the "girls" for a few weeks, honey. Oh, God, I missed your touch so much", I moaned as I cupped his hard cock through his pants. I quickly undid his belt. He took the bull by the horns and just as quickly stripped naked. I grabbed his cock and lead him over to the hot tub where I had him sit on the edge. I quickly jumped in and before he could react I took his hunk of man meat deep in my throat. I was moaning at the sheer pleasure of having his cock in my mouth after what seemed like ages. I wished at that moment I could see the action from a different perspective. I felt the way I must have looked at that moment. A blond busty bimbo feeding off her man's dick. I wanted it to go on forever. I pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop. "I love you, baby", I said as I once again swallowed him. His breathing was getting harder by the second and I knew he would soon flood me with his boiling cum. "Rita, baby, you look beautiful...your hair....your tits....just so incredible....I'm gonna cum, baby....I'm gonna cum", he moaned. "I want your cum all over me, darling, all over me", I purred as I took him out of my mouth and stroked him. He did just that. On my face, my tits, my hair and in my mouth! It felt fantastic to be showered in his hot cum. Still naked we walked into the house arm in arm. I got him a cold beer and pored myself a glass of Chenin Blanc. He still couldn't take his eyes off me and I was thrilled. I told him all about the past week. The salon, the doctor, my quick bout of depression. All the time I was talking I would assume different poses hoping to get him hard again. I could tell by the expression on his face that I was in for a long hard fucking. I was right in my assumption because when he stood up his cock was at full attention! "Lets go up to our bedroom", I seductively said. He just shook his head "no" as he approached me. Coming behind me he bent me over the marble counter and quickly boned me. He grabbed my hair as he forcefully sawed in and out of my tight, hot pussy. I was purring like a contented kitten as he masterfully fucked me. After what seemed like hours I felt him swell inside me and release a gusher of cum. I felt wonderful. I remember thinking that I'd better keep a supply of tampons in the kitchen for just such an occasion! When he pulled out of me I grabbed a kitchen towel to keep his man juice from running all over the floor. I ran to the bathroom and inserted a tampon. It was, and still is such a thrill for me to have something up between my legs. A tampon, a butt plug, dildo, but mostly Danny.

Laura came in around 6:30 as I was preparing a dinner. Well I made some salads as Danny insisted on grilling some steaks. I was never much for grilling preferring the comfort of my kitchen but Danny enjoyed it. A man "thing" I guess. We spent an enjoyable time at dinner talking about current events, the house and, of course, the upcoming wedding Of Monica and Stephanie. We also discussed our house party that we wanted to do to celebrate Laurita. When Danny was ready to leave we stood on the porch and had a nice make-out session. He cupped my breasts and whispered that he couldn't wait to fuck them. I smiled and told him that it wouldn't be long. With a promise to call me later he left. I made it an early night as I was going into work the next day. For the first time in my new home I slept alone. Laura is great and she has an instinct for people to have their private space. I'd make it up to her soon. Maybe a sexy little girlie night? What do you think?

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