Friday, May 29, 2009

I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore!

"What!? I do not! " "I'm sorry babe, but you do". "Danny, I do not snore. How could you say such a thing"? We were driving home from our "dirty little weekend" together when I asked him if he was too tired to drive. He told me he had trouble getting to sleep. When I asked him why he told me that my snoring kept him awake. I was shocked to say the least. "It's not a loud snore, babe, it's kinda cute actually. You don't shake the walls or anything. It's more like a purr". "A purr", I asked. "Yeah, like you're content or something. I like it. It sounds cute coming from you". "You're just saying that to make me feel better", I pouted. He put his arm around me and drew me to his shoulder kissing me on the head. "Okay, I purr! But I do not snore"! We drove in silence for a few miles. I wiggled closer to him. "Well, at least I don't fart like you do", I said. "He cocked an eyebrow. "Well now that you mention it...." "Danny!", I yelled hitting him on the shoulder. "If I farted with a tampon in me I'd probably put your eye out"! That got us in a fit of giggles. We had to pull off the road to a rest stop. As it was mid morning and no one around I wasted no time as I fished out his cock and gave him a long delicious blowjob right there in the front seat. Wiping the cum from the corners of my mouth and fixing my lipstick we set off for home. I had to hook up with Laura and go over plans for the house. Danny had to be in work by 3PM. I wasn't scheduled for work that day.

After checking in at home and changing into a black wool skirt and emerald green blouse I headed over to Laura's place. It was a freezing cold day and I was glad that she had a fire going in the living room. I told her about the weekend and wearing my new French Maid's outfit. "He flipped when he saw me in it", I told her. "In less than 10 minutes he had me on all fours and I was literally guiding his cock into my pussy. He fucked me like a stallion. It was fantastic"! Laura had a glazed expression as I told her of our escapades. I noticed that her clitty was making an appearance in her Capri pants. "Oh, Laura honey, I'm sorry! Do you need some relief"? "I do", she whispered. "But let's do it now. We have business to discuss". With that she held out her hand and led me to her bedroom where we quickly stripped to the buff and spent a glorious hour in her bed. She hadn't had a proper orgasm in a few days so there was a lot of pent up tension. (as well as juices!) After both of us were satisfied I got up to get dressed. "No, don't get dressed yet", she said. She pulled down her down comforter and we both slid, still naked, underneath. As we cuddled and kissed and played with each others breasts we discussed the business of the day. "First of all we definitely have the house secured. The mortgage and paper work at this point are just a legal formality". I was beside myself with joy! "How so quickly?", I asked. "Let's just say that our banker was very receptive to my terms". With that she gave me a wink and licked her lips! My eyes grew wide. "Laura, you little tramp!", I giggled. "Well", she said, "he is cute and besides I've know him for over a year now". "Anything serious?", I pressed. "Maybe. We'll see", she replied. "Anyway, back to business", she said. "I have two very strong possibilities for your mother's house. Both are young couples who are new to the area. Both recently hired to jobs in the cities. One in Philly and one in New York. Both couples love the area, the school system and the easy commute. All that's left is to see who wants to fork over the most cash"! I hugged her and squealed like a school girl. "This is great, this is great, this is great!", I screamed. She then told me that she was going to put the work we needed done on the fast track. Plumbers and electricians would start doing some needed renovation the following week. After that work was done we could start the painting and decorating. "It's really going to happen", I sobbed into her breasts. "It is, Rita. Our dream home will be just what I said it would. Oh, and I have to show you something"! She jumped out of bed and wiggled over to a closet. I watched as her full breasts bounced with envy. "Yes", I thought, "time to put things on the fast track". She pulled out two wrapped packages. She opened the first and held it up. "This will go somewhere on the front of the house", she smiled. She held it up. It was a sign in a feminine script that proclaimed "Laurita"! I sat up in bed and clapped my hands like a little girl. "Wait", she said, "there's more"! She opened the second package and held up a gorgeous mosaic of a pretty girl. Again the name "Laurita" was prominent on it. "I thought this would look good in your kitchen, honey! What do you think?", she smiled. In answer I just opened up my arms. She put the mosaic down and fell into my embrace. With our breasts crushed together we kissed deep and long, our rampant clitties rubbing on each other. Not a word was said as we made passionate love once more. It was satisfying to both our bodies and our souls. Nothing made me feel more like a woman than to be in Danny's masculine embrace but I was beginning to realize that I never feel more like a human being as when I'm with Laura. We dozed for awhile. When we awoke we were both feeling hungry. "Want me to fix something?", I asked. "Okay, but something light and simple. Don't go crazy", she replied. Ten minutes later we were sitting in the kitchen wearing silk kimonos eating omelets. "What's up with Monica and Stephanie?", I asked. "Oh, shit, I almost forgot to tell you!", she said. "The Vegas trip is off". I was shocked! "Why? They're not calling it off are they?", I moaned. "Oh no, no, no sweety. Just a change in location. "Laurita?", I asked. Laura nodded. I smiled. "That's going to be some party!", I gushed. It was getting late and I had school the next day. As I was getting dressed to face the cold world once more I asked Laura if she had the info from her doctor for my implants. She said that he'd been in Mexico fishing but she would get it for me as soon as she could. "Does he do noses too?, I inquired. "Why, there's nothing wrong with your nose". "Well, apparently I snore", I sarcastically replied. "You do not!", she said. "Well then apparently I purr", I said. "Oh, well, you do purr, honey! I smiled at that. After a quick hug and kiss I headed home. As I was pulling into the driveway I saw Danny bringing out the garbage. "I'll take yours out too, babe", he whispered. We found a dark corner and kissed. "It's a good thing it's so cold out tonight", I told him. "Why"? "Well if it was warm enough to keep the windows open I'd probably keep you awake with all that purring that I do"! With that I gave him a kiss on the cheek and his cock a little squeeze. I left him smiling and yes, girls, he was hard!

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